Digital marketing for people who live sales, not techonlogy

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MDC DOT marketing platform is built specifically for team-selling organizations whose sales teams are responsible for their own marketing and lead generation efforts.

MDC DOT is a unique all-in-one marketing solution that provides customer relationship management, marketing automation, social media marketing, and much more in a single platform.

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  • "I like to focus on success, so I wanted to share that I sold my first Challenge Pack through the email campaign. He went from a friend-of-a-friend to a P90X3 challenger in five days thanks to the emails and the web site. He is also groomed to convert to coach because of the info on the site."

    Jim K. / UFT Coach

  • “I had spoken with a prospect over a year ago about Beachbody - he didn’t join then. I added him to an MDC DOT email campaign, and he soon became a hot lead. I contacted him yesterday, and he joined my team. It was maybe a 10 to 15 minute call to close him, and he knew exactly what he wanted already! Thank You MDC!"

    Carmen B. / UFT Coach

  • “I finally received a response to my email from a Beachbody customer after I put them in the MDC DOT lead system. I tried to reach out to her previously, but with little success. Thanks to the email campaign, it has opened up opportunity for us to chat! Thanks for this amazing system.”

    Heidi C. / UFT Coach

MDC DOT allows you to build successful marketing campaigns, thus leveraging your proven marketing materials. You can also monitor your prospect’s online behavior, and through the power of scoring, engage them at the moment they are most likely to purchase your products or services. All of this significantly reduces the transition from “prospect” to “customer."

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